WPC Warm Up, December 4, 2017

It was so good to be with you all last Sunday! While driving back to Orange County on Sunday night, I asked Ella (our five-year-old daughter) about her day and her favorite part of our new church. She didn't hesitate and said, "new friends!" Thank you for extending us all such an incredibly warm welcome. We're looking forward to the season ahead.

Last Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, we focused on hope. This Sunday, we're focusing on peace. As I write, fires are burning all around. People in our communities have had to evacuate and are unsure of what they will return to find. Some already know they have lost their homes. Hope? Peace? How do we begin to focus on those things in the midst of anxious times like we're experiencing now?

Everyone I talk to this week has a story to share about these fires, either from personal experience or from a friend. In Philippians 4:4–8, Paul writes about worry and anxiety, and he calls for a peace of God that passes all understanding. May our prayer for those who have suffered loss this week, as well as for those who are anxious for other reasons, be centered on that type of peace.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Dave Rohde

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