WPC Warm Up, May 14, 2018

WPC Family!

Last week, about forty of our leaders got together for a mini-retreat of sorts. Our Deacons, Elders, and Staff spent a few hours reflecting on who we are as a church, and what got us to where we are today.

As we were together I was struck by three realities. First, this church has a legacy of reaching people with the love of Christ in tangible ways. As we talked through our history, it was clear God has used WPC to bless our surrounding communities. Secondly, the laughter and conversation happening around the tables clearly illustrated that your leaders genuinely enjoy being together. And lastly, we've got a lot of work to do! As our vision and direction are formed, I'd invite you to get involved. Be intentional with prayer, join a committee, spend time listening to one another.

Throughout the rest of this year we're going to focus on telling our church's story. Being able to clearly articulate our story is an essential part of mapping out our future together. I'd invite us all to think of a particular time, event, or person from WPC who helped to shape our faith. Once you think of something, share it. You're welcome to stop by my office and share it with me, reach out to an elder or deacon, or just tell someone on the courtyard on a Sunday morning. Let's be a community of story tellers!

I hope to see you this Sunday as we celebrate Pentecost together! We'll spend some time unpacking Acts 2:1–13 and the question asked by the crowds who witnessed the event, "What does this all mean?!?"

Journeying with you,

Pastor Dave

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