WPC Warm Up, July 9, 2018

WPC family -

Most nights, when I put my kids to bed, we say a "repeat after me" prayer. On most nights, I'll lead out with one or two of the kids repeating what I say, phrase after phrase. After a few years of going through the routine, our oldest daughter now sometimes chooses to lead the prayer. It's debatable whether or not her intention is to simply extend bedtime, but either way, I like to believe she's learning to pray.

This Sunday we're beginning a seven week series exploring the Lord's Prayer. Jesus tells his first followers, "when you pray, pray in this way." It's a prayer many of us have memorized and most of us repeat every week on Sunday morning. But, how often do we pay attention to what we're actually saying? How does the prayer move from being something we do out of simple repetition to something that shapes our life together?

In his book on the Lord's Prayer, Pope Francis writes, "Jesus did not just give us this prayer simply as a formula for addressing God. With this prayer he is inviting us to turn to the Father so that we can discover who we are and live as his true children and as brothers and sisters together."

During our 9:30 service we'll unpack the first line of the prayer, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." The conversation will continue in the Fellowship Center at 11:15am. Moving the second service during this series gives us the opportunity to interact in a way that isn't possible in our sanctuary. I'm very thankful we have space to be creative! I look forward to seeing you at either service, or at both!

Journeying with you,

Pastor Dave

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