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WPC Friends,
A few weeks ago, after dropping my daughter off at school, I had some time before my first meeting at church so I stopped to go on a walk in the Open Space near her school. I thought, “Twenty minutes will help me clear my head before the day.” Well, twenty minutes became thirty, then forty, and before long my “walk” was a full-on hike.

I wasn’t at all prepared. I was carrying coffee instead of water, didn’t really know where I was going, and was wearing dress shoes. I had to go home, change and clean up, before resuming the rest of the day. But, the hike was just what I needed. 

Sometimes, when Holy Week comes, we’re not quite prepared. Maybe it’s just too difficult to reflect on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, for whatever reason. Maybe you don’t feel like you spent ample time journeying through Lent, so arriving at this week feels sudden. Maybe, we’ve been so busy, we just haven’t had time. 

No matter where you find yourself, if you’re prepared or not, I’d invite you to take some time to pause this week, before getting to Easter on Sunday. Tomorrow at 7pm, we’ll reflect on Maundy Thursday. On Friday, we’ll have a contemplative “Service of the Stations” at 8pm. Join us as we prepare for the celebration of the resurrection! 

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Dave
Easter Sunday, April 21
8 & 9:30am - Traditional Services
in the Sanctuary
11:15am - Contemporary Service in the Fellowship Center
6am - Ecumenical Sunrise Service, Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks
June 24-27
Registration begins May 1
Digging Deeper Questions
If you’re following along in The Story, during Holy Week we’ll be in chapters 25-27. This week, we are focusing on chapters 26-27.
  1. Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, or Jelly Beans? What’s the BEST thing you’ve ever found in an Easter basket?
  2. Do you have a favorite Easter memory from childhood?
  3. Read John 20:1-10. What is Mary Magdalen’s role in sharing the good news of Jesus’ resurrection? How do Peter and John (the other disciple) respond when they reach Jesus’ tomb? How are their responses different? How are they similar? 
  4. Read John 20:11-29. Which of the three responses to Jesus’ resurrection (Mary, the “other” disciples, or Thomas) do you relate to most? Why?

Thursday, April 18 - Maundy Thursday
6:30 The Story small group - Library
7 pm   Maundy Thursday service - Sanctuary; AA - Community Outreach Center
7:30pm Choir Room; GA - Trailer
Friday, April 19 - Good Friday
12 pm Prayer Garden open for personal reflection; AA - Community Outreach Center
7pm AA - Community Outreach Center
8 pm   Good Friday Service - Sanctuary; AA - Fellowship Center
Saturday, April 20
8:30am AA - Community Outreach Center
10am Al-Anon - Community Outreach Center
7pm AA - Community Outreach Center
Sunday, April 21 - Easter (Egg hunt following all services - front lawn)
8am - Traditional Service - Sanctuary
9:30am - Traditional Service - Sanctuary
11:15am - Contemporary Service - Fellowship Center
Monday, April 22 (Office and Preschool closed)
12 pm AA - Community Outreach Center
1pm Monday Bible Study - Library
7pm Boy Scout Troop 485 - Community Outreach Center
Tuesday, April 23
11am Worship planning - Library
3pm Communications committee -
6pm JYF (Jr. High Youth Group) - Youth Center
7pm Small group - Library
7:30pm GA - Trailer; Student Ministries committee - Youth Lounge
Wednesday, April 24
9:30 Koffee Klatch - Oakside
4:30 AA - Trailer
6pm Shelter Meal - Community Outreach Center
7 pm Women on Wednesday - Library; AA - Balcony Room
7:30pm Session - Parkside; CNA (High School Bible Study) - see J. R. Robertson
Thursday, April 25
2pm CVYO - Fellowship Center
3:30. Mission committee - Library
6:30 The Story small group - Library
7 pm   AA - Community Outreach Center
7:30pm Choir Room; GA - Trailer
Friday, April 26
7pm AA - Sanctuary
8 pm   AA - Sanctuary
Saturday, April 27
8:30am AA - Community Outreach Center
10am Al-Anon - Community Outreach Center
7pm AA - Community Outreach Center
Sunday, April 28
9:30am - Traditional Service - Sanctuary; Sunday school - classrooms
10:30 Coffee hour - Courtyard
11:15am Contemporary Service - Fellowship Center
12:45 Vision2020 - Fellowship Center
Regular Sunday Schedule:
9:30 Traditional Service, Sanctuary
Sunday school, Classrooms
10:30 Coffee hour, Courtyard
11:15 Contemporary Service,
Fellowship Center
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