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A Warmup for September 16

This week we’re in the second week of our journey through The Story, and we’ll be reading through and reflecting on the story of Abram/Abraham. In the first chapters of the Bible — including what we read last week — we see a constant theme of God working to bring creation back into right relationship with Himself. Rev. Dale Ridenour will be with us, preaching this Sunday, and will unpack some of what we can learn from the journey of Abraham and his family. 

Whether it’s with a small group, in your home with your family, or on your own, I’d invite you to spend some time reflecting on the questions included in this issue of The Weekly.

Journeying with you,
Pastor Dave
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The Story:
Questions for September 16
These questions are meant to help you reflect on chapter two of The Story, God Builds a Nation. They can be used in small groups, for personal devotional time, or for conversation at home. Enjoy the journey! 

  1. Chapter two of The Story starts with Abram’s call and ends with the death of his son Issac. Which part of this chapter was most meaningful to you?
  2. God calls Abram to leave the comfort of his home to follow God’s plan. Has there ever been a time in your life where you were encouraged to leave your comfort zone? Who encouraged you? What was it like to step out into something new? 
  3. Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for God to fulfill God’s promise of a child. What should we learn about waiting on God from them?
  4. Abram’s story includes Sarah, Hagar, Ismael, and Isaac. Spend some time thinking through each of their stories. What would it be like to be Sarah and to find out you were going to be pregnant, at an advanced age? What about Hagar…alone, scared, sent off to the desert? How do you think Ishmael felt to be Abram’s “banished” son? What about Isaac being laid out on the altar?
  5. Reflect on the story of Jacob and Esau. How does Jacob show grace to Esau? Who is someone you might need to show grace to this week? 

Monday, September 10
9am Preschool Parent Advisory Board - Oakside
12pm AA - Community Outreach Center
1pm Monday Bible Study (The Story) - Library
6:30pm Congregational Life Committee - Balcony Room
7:30pm Boy Scout Troop 485 - Community Outreach Center
Tuesday, September 11
3:30pm Mission committee - Oakside
4:30pm. Youth Leadership Training - Fellowship Center, Balcony Room
5:30pm Taco Tuesday - Courtyard
6pm JYF (Jr. High Youth Group) - Offsite
7pm The Story small group - Library
7:30pm AA - Community Outreach Center
7:30pm GA - Trailer
Wednesday, September 12
2pm Wednesday Bible Study - Library
9:30am Koffee Klatch - Oakside
5:30pm Shelter Meal - Community Outreach
6:30pm Women on Wednesday - Library
7pm AA - Sanctuary
7:30pm CNA - contact J. R. Robertson
Thursday, September 13
9:30am Prayer Shawl Ministry - Library
9:30am The Story small group - Oakside
1:30pm Bookworms - Library
2pm Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra - Fellowship Center
6:30pm The Story small group - Library
7pm AA - Community Outreach Center
7:30pm Chancel Choir - Choir Room
7:30pm GA - Trailer
7:30pm The Story small group - Offsite
Friday, September 14
9:30am The Story small group - Library
12pm AA - Community Outreach Center
7pm AA - Community Outreach Center
7:30pm AA - Sanctuary
Saturday, September 15
9:30am AA - Community Outreach Center
10am Al-Anon - Community Outreach Center
3pm. National Charity League event - Courtyard, Fellowship Center
7pm AA - Community Outreach Center
Sunday, September 16
9:30am Traditional Service - Sanctuary; Sunday school - classrooms
10:50am The Story small group - Library
11:15am Contemporary Service - Sanctuary; Sunday school - Balcony Room
1pm Bethlehem Experience leadership team - Fellowship Center, Oakside
6pm SYF (High School Youth Group) - Youth Center
Kids Fellowship Club
Tuesdays, 4:30 - 6pm,
beginning September 18
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November 10 & 11

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December 14 & 15
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9:30am: Traditional service and
Sunday school
10:30 Coffee hour
11:15am: Contemporary service and
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